COVID-19 Disinfection Services
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The world will keep changing,
as SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causesthe disease
COVID-19 continues to spread globally.

Safe and Effective Disinfection of Spaces and Objects

To mitigate risk, and prevent COVID-19 and other infection agents, it’s critical to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects within your work environment. SteraMist is safe to use on delicate equipment and electronics such as keyboards and monitors, and quickly deactivates viruses on smaller items that are typically hard to disinfect, such as:

Adhering to best practices and guidelines is essential to effective application of SteraMist. Ideal’s disinfection professionals are highly trained in handling and working with SteraMist and Binary Ionization Technology. You can confidently trust Ideal’s decades of deep experience in infection prevention and disinfecting services in healthcare, commercial offices, schools, life sciences and manufacturing facilities.

Part of Showcase Restoration’s Infection Control and Disinfecting Portfolio

Showcase Restoration’s COVID-19 disinfection services are part of our complete portfolio of Infection Control and Disinfecting service offerings. Serving healthcare, pharmaceutical, and laboratory and commercial industries, we help you meet regulatory standards and ensure uninterrupted patient, staff, and visitor safety.

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